Neon Hum Media’s Editors' Bootcamp is an eight-week training for people from underrepresented groups who want to become podcast editors.

The Bootcamp will run from mid-March to mid-May. It will be free for all eight participants, and at the end of the bootcamp, Neon Hum will be hiring one person to become an editor at our company. 

Catherine Saint Louis, Senior Editor at Neon Hum, will teach the course alongside some of the industry’s most accomplished editors like Emanuele Berry of This American Life, Annie Avilés of VICE Audio, Phyllis Fletcher of APM Podcasts, Nick White of Lost Notes, and more.

The Audio Industry Needs You.

The Editors' Bootcamp is for people who have historically been underrepresented as story editors: Black and Native American storytellers and other people of color, and the LGTBQ+ community, Latinx folk, and people with disabilities.

Applicants might be audio producers with a few years’ experience who want to work professionally as editors, structuring and improving other producers' stories. Or applicants might be print editors looking to switch to podcast editing who haven’t yet perfected how to write for the ear. Or independent podcast makers who have made their own pod successful but now want to impact the audio field in a new way. 

Course Details

Eight participants will meet online for two classes a week. Each session will be about two and half hours conducted over Zoom. The first meetup will be on a weekend day, but most sessions will be from 6ish to 8:30pm EST. The idea is to give people who have day jobs an opportunity to participate.

Participants will need to have a computer and steady wifi. And you will need to commit to attending all sessions, barring emergencies.

Each week you will have editing homework between classes. You will learn by doing and are expected to participate in class discussions. The idea is to not just learn from teachers but to learn from each other, too.

There is no tuition.

Funding is made possible by Sony Music Group’s fund to support social justice and anti-racist initiatives and by Neon Hum Media.

Participants will get hands-on learning designed to prepare them to take on editing jobs.

You will learn how to edit actual scripts for structure and clarity. How to give constructive feedback that will motivate writers. How to make an outline for a limited-run podcast series. How to run a table read and triage comments from multiple folks, so your writer doesn’t get overwhelmed. What to listen for in a mix and what kind of notes to give at that stage of the process. 

Several different times during the 8-week bootcamp, there will be office hours for participants to sign up for one-on-one sessions with Catherine Saint Louis. 

In addition, each week, a different teacher will co-teach and give students feedback on their editing. No two story editors are the same, so you will learn different editor’s styles and best practices. Teachers work in the field right now at companies like Vice, This American Life, APM Studios, and Audible. Our very own Jonathan Hirsch, founder of Neon Hum, will co-teach a week.

Why Now?

As the podcasting industry has grown, there is more and more of a need for editors who know how to improve stories, so they have unforgettable characters, streamlined plots, and surprising twists that keep people listening. 

The audio industry is low on diversity, even more so when it comes to story editors.  Neon Hum Media wanted to start this bootcamp to get underrepresented folks into the room where it happens. Story editors not only decide what stories to pursue but how to tell them once they are greenlit. You can have a big impact.

With the rise of narrative podcasts, editors are in high demand. But there isn't a path for people who want to become editors to get their skills they need to break into the industry. Our hope is that this Editor Bootcamp will help fix that.

Application Details

Application Due
Wednesday January 20th by 11pm PST
Applications Notified They've Been Selected
February 15th
Enrollment Confirmation for Selected Participants
February 22nd
Participants Announced
February 25th

We’ll meet for the first time on Sunday March 21st at 3 - 5pm EST for a get-to-know-you introductory session. 

Each week, for 8 weeks, sessions will be Mondays and Thursdays 6pm EST - 8:30pm EST. Homework assignments will be assigned on Mondays during class and due Wednesdays at 11:59pm EST. We’ll discuss it at Thursday’s meetup.